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Supermarket Sweep

on Monday, 03 February 2014. Posted in Pro Visas

Super Market Legal Services

So after a while of talking about it, reading about it and yes sometimes even dreading it, it is finally here.

A couple of days ago I was lying on the couch  watching a bit of telly, as you do, and low and behold on comes a TV advert advertising a major supermarket?s legal services.

As if it wasn?t bad enough they have destroyed local shops, grocers, electrical outlets and any other small friendly businesses on our high streets, they have now set their sights on local solicitors firms.

Well, I can tell you I was really annoyed and thought, ?here we go?....but I thought let me look see at their website and see exactly what they are offering. Well, firstly I was really happy that they didn?t offer Immigration services, although, It probably won?t take long until they do, and secondly, they offer a ?Telephone and Postal service? for their Wills and Probate Cases?. Telephone and Postal Service??? Are they joking? Well they made me laugh at least.

Listen guys, we know that when you are making a will or dealing with probate matters or any other matters, we know that our clients want a personal service. We know that you want to see us in person and explain your circumstances to us in a friendly confidential manner. You want to know that you can pick up the phone and make an appointment to see us within 24 hours. We know you don?t want talk about your personal troubles down a telephone where they are ?recording your conversation for customer service improvement?. You want a hands on solicitors firm who are there for you and are local to you and who can give you a personal service you want.

I can relax now?let them offer these services. They may get some instructions from some clients. But the clients we know and trust, I know will keep with us. Will want to see their solicitor face to face and will want to visit our offices. I look forward to seeing you all soon.